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WH-9 Wiring Harness

WH-9 Wiring Harness


The WH-9 wiring harness can be used with all RailPro Locomotive modules.  The WH-9 conforms to NMRA 9 pin plug standard so it can be used for any DCC locomotive where applicable.  The WH-9 wiring harness can be used to add the required DCC 9 pin plug (JST) to a non-DCC locomotive. Or you can use it after removing all circuit boards from a DCC equipped or DCC ready locos (too allow a cleaner installation or make more room for a RailPro module). Please see LM instructions for actual wiring. 

JST connectors can come in two different ways that the pins are connected to the wires (crimp style and insulation displacement) both connect in the same manner and are interchangeable.  However, we have found the crimp style pins to be far more dependable than the insulation displacement connectors that some DCC suppliers sell. WH-9 has a JST 9 pin with crimp style pins.